“…As fast paced and as exciting as Book 1.” -- Amazon reviewer 

Dragon Gold
SKU: 978-1-954442-03-0

Eva has just cracked the dolphin communication code and is working with Cleo to help clear the reef of the invasive Lionfish. Mel plans to propose to Eva's mother Romina. Everything is going so well...  
                                                                                                                                      ...until Julian returns to claim what's his. Eva will have to work together with her team, Thomas and the dolphins to rescue her mother then save the reef she loves from Julian's mutant monsters!

It's Book Two in Kristie Clark's Science Fiction Thriller series: Order of the Dolphin!

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Dragon of the Sea
SKU: 978-1-954442-00-9


It’s what we’ve all been waiting for . . .


            . . . a brave son’s exposé of his narcissistic father. And after 500 years, a portion of Ferdinand Columbus’s long-lost journal has been found. It reveals the good, the bad and the ugly about the Admiral of the Ocean Sea. 


But did you know, they actually saw the Caribbean Sea Dragon? 

And what happened to all the GOLD Columbus plundered anyway? 


Read Dragon of the Sea to find out! It's Book Zero--the historical prologue--to Kristie Clark's Order of the Dolphin series.


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Dragon of the Sea was a FINALIST in the Chaucer Historical Fiction category of the Chanticleer Short Story Contest!


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Dragon Clan
SKU: 978-1-954442-05-4

A dragon will kill her creator to protect her family...

 ...but wait! How is that possible? And why would she do that anyway?

Read Dragon Clan to find out! Join Eva with her dolphins for more adventures as they encounter environmental disasters and a new dragon as they travel from Roatán to Hawai‘i through the Panama Canal!

Dragon Clan
is out now! It's Book Three in Kristie Clark's Sci-Fi Thriller Sea Adventure Order of the Dolphin series!

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Hatching a Dragon

What are the origins of the Caribbean's sea dragon?

To find out, visit my StoryOrigin page

to get your FREE copy of this short story which serves as

the Scientific Prologue to
Killing Dragons:

Hatching a Dragon


Cover Design by Kristie Clark with image by Adam Hall
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Killing Dragons
SKU: 978-1-954442-01-6

She’s back . . .


            . . . and after hiding in her lair for 500 years, she’s hungry. Very hungry. And this hungry sea dragon is back to terrorize this Caribbean island paradise. Her favorite foods are fishermen, scuba divers and dolphins. Join Eva Paz, the scientist willing to take on dragons in all their forms.


Can she slay the dragon in time to save her dolphins?


Read Killing Dragons to find out!


It’s Book One in Kristie Clark’s Science Fiction Thriller series: Order of the Dolphin.

“A smart, science fiction thriller that will have readers looking twice at dolphins – and scanning the waters for something far more menacing. Highly recommended.” – Chanticleer Reviews ***** FIVE Star Book!

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Order of the Dolphin Box Set Volume One
SKU: 978-1-954442-20-7

Travel the world from the Caribbean's Roatán through the Panama Canal to the Hawaiian Islands...

                                  ...Yet have all your adventures with Eva and her dolphins in one place!

Buy the Order of the Dolphin Box Set Volume One today!

Available at Barnes and Noble, Kobo, or my Payhip store!



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