Box Set is out now!

Box Set is out now!
Oct 28, 2021 by Kristie Clark

The Order of the Dolphin Box Set Volume One, which contains Books 1-3, is out now!

Isn't the cover beautiful? Thanks to Adam Hall, my cover desiger!

It is available at Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and my Payhip store. 

To celebrate, from Oct 30 to Nov 30, you can get 40% off this box set EBook at Barnes & Noble, and have all your adventures with Eva in one place on your NOOK.
Promo code: BNPOrder40

Or visit my Payhip store and get 25% off any of my Ebooks.
Promo code:  3DFJK0JOPB

Many Thanks!

P.S. A KOBO EBook box set promo with 40% off may also be on it's way:)


Dragon Clan e-book is out NOW!

Dragon Clan e-book is out NOW!
Sep 19, 2021 by Kristie Clark

Buy your e-book copy of Dragon Clan today!

Find your store at

Here's one influential blogger's praise for my newly released Dragon Clan:


“Loved it! An exciting plot enriched with amazing characters and a goal to save mankind! This was an incredible read from start to finish... 

Dragon Gold's FIRST Review!

Dragon Gold's FIRST Review!
Jul 02, 2021 by Kristie Clark

Reedsy has marked Dragon Gold as a MUST READ! 

Here's how Reedsy sums up book 2 in the Order of the Dolphin Series: "Eco-thriller with dolphins, a marine biologist, and her friends who are up against a villain and his mega-yacht" --Reedsy

Dragon Gold  is on preorder and is set to be released wherever books are sold on July 15, 2021

Rachel Barnard, an influential book blogger, described Dragon Gold as: thrilling, full of action, high stakes, well-paced and very fun! Rachel says Dragon Gold is more convincing than Jurassic Park! Wow--that's super humbling for this new author! And absolutely TERRIFYING for you, dear reader! Read her full soon-to-be-published review for Dragon Gold (reprinted with her permission-thanks Rachel!) here first:

Dragon of the Sea wins AWARD!

Dragon of the Sea wins AWARD!
Jun 23, 2021 by Kristie Clark

Very exciting news! Dragon of the Sea, the historical prologue to the Order of the Dolphin series, was a FINALIST in the Chaucer (historical fiction) category of the Chanticleer Short Story Awards! It's an honor, a thrill and quite humbling for my first short story to be recognized in this way! Here's the story:

To get your FREE copy of Dragon of the Sea, please visit my BookFunnel link:

Killing Dragons Paperback out now!

Killing Dragons Paperback out now!
Jun 10, 2021 by Kristie Clark

Dear readers:

Reviews are rolling in, and although many readers claim to ride the Killing Dragons rollercoaster in one sitting, Bonsai only made it a little over halfway through my author proof copy then passed out in the window seat. Poor guy. Hopefully it didn't give him nightmares!

You now have access to the paperback too! Although it is temporarily out of stock on Amazon, driving up prices from other booksellers, it's still available on Barnes and Noble. Get your copy today:) 

Universal Link to buy Killing Dragons:

Universal Link to pre-order Dragon Gold:

Thanks for reading,

P.S. Dragon Clan line edits are almost complete, and beta feedback on Dragon Gold is in review.

Dolphins and Dragons fans among us!

Dolphins and Dragons fans among us!
Jun 05, 2021 by Kristie Clark


Here’s what one book influencer and prolific book reviewer in France says about Killing Dragons:


“An absolute crush for this incredible thriller! I really liked the characters and the interactions between them. Eva is mysterious and endearing, Thomas is friendly and discreet, not to mention the adorable dolphin Taffy... Moreover, the heart of the story is absolutely captivating, it is full of dangers, twists and turns, mysteries. I was caught up in my reading until the last page. A real pearl to discover!” –Sentinelle23

Editorial Reviews, Contests and Progress in Publishing

Editorial Reviews, Contests and Progress in Publishing
May 22, 2021 by Kristie Clark

I am so excited ya’ll! Killing Dragons: Order of the Dolphin Book One received a  *****five star review***** from Chanticleer Reviews! Here’s what they had to say about my first Science Fiction Thriller:


“A smart, science fiction thriller that will have readers looking twice at dolphins – and scanning the waters for something far more menacing. 

Highly recommended.” – Chanticleer Reviews

Scientific Prologue to Killing Dragons is now available to read!

Scientific Prologue to Killing Dragons is now available to read!
Mar 05, 2021 by Kristie Clark
Dear Readers:
The Scientific Prologue to Killing Dragons was cut from the novel. So, I made my own cover with an image from my cover designer Adam Hall and formatted Hatching a Dragon for your enjoyment. It is posted on StoryOrigin to read for FREE. Please visit the site below to download your free copy. They will ask again for your name and email, but I promise that my email list is integrated. So, you should only receive my newletter letting you know about my new releases one time. Also, as an update, Killing Dragons is back from the proofreader. It's been formatted for ARC and is off to advanced readers. If you would like a copy too, please contact me by email at Dragon Gold is under revision between manuscript critique and line editing. Dragon Clan is in manuscript critique. So all three full length sci-fi thriller novels will be coming soon! In the meantime, here is the link to Killing Dragon's scientific prologue:

Thank you for reading!

Sci-Fi Award Judging and Order of the Dolphin progress!

Sci-Fi Award Judging and Order of the Dolphin progress!
Jan 30, 2021 by Kristie Clark
Hello. It was a privilege this month to serve as a story evaluator for The Roswell Award for the Omega Sci-Fi Awards! As an author, it is important to give back to the community of authors. Having the opportunity to read short stories written by young people and give them feedback is a fun way to do this. Two of the craft resources that I recommended to these young writers are: Jessica Brody's "Save the Cat! Writes a Novel" book and K.M. Weiland's podcast "Helping Writers Become Authors."

As an update on my Order of the Dolphin series, Book One: Killing Dragons heads to the proofreader February 1st, 2021 and Book Two: Dragon Gold went to the editor for a manuscript critique in the wee hours of this morning as well as to my mom's Kindle. Book Three: Dragon Clan is now a third of the way into its first draft. Killing Dragons should be published in March of 2021.

My mom honored me by beta reading Book One, and she says that it's interesting, but not just because her daughter wrote it. So, that sounds like a strong recommendation! Book One took a decade to write, and Book Two took only a month (written during NaNoWriMo); in fact, Book Two was written so fast that I wasn't sure what was in there until I read through it which I finished doing yesterday. Thankfully, I think it's a good sign that I found it entertaining as it involves a kidnapping (with lots of suspense and negotiations), more monsters, and then a happy ending. Book Three is terrifying so far as it involves tsunamnis and a new dragon! As always, there are bad guys in my books, and the dolphins are truly the stars of the show! 

Progress in publishing on all fronts!

Progress in publishing on all fronts!
Dec 18, 2020 by Kristie Clark
A formal sensitivity beta read begins today on Killing Dragons. Last night, after I learned how to use the fab-u-lous (yes, that's three words) and easy to use formatting software Vellum, Dragon of the Sea was officially published on Bookfunnel. It serves as the historical prologue to my forthcoming contemporary Science Fiction Thrillers: Killing Dragons and its sequel Dragon Gold. Today, I designed a cover for Dragon of the Sea--my first ever, done on Canva with iStock getty photos I purchased rights to use--which you can view here. Later, my book designer finished his design which won hands down in a poll I took, so his is what's featured on the book's webpage:) To begin reading Dragon of the Sea, which is a standalone historical fiction short story, please sign up for my email list, and you will recieve a Bookfunnel link to read this short story on any device you choose. 

Line Edits to Order of the Dolphin Books 0 and 1 are complete!

Line Edits to Order of the Dolphin Books 0 and 1 are complete!
Dec 12, 2020 by Kristie Clark
Today I finished line edits on both Killing Dragons and Dragon of the Sea. Killing Dragons is book one in the Order of the Dolphin series. Dragon of the Sea, book zero in the Order of the Dolphin series, serves as the historical prologue to Killing Dragons. It is also a standalone historical fiction short story, and Dragon of the Sea will be available as a FREE ebook very soon to my readers. So, please check back for my newsletter sign up! Next, these books go to a betareader then on to the proofreader. Photo is of me with only a few of the research books I used; I take research for my science fiction very seriously:)

Twenty seconds can save your life!

Twenty seconds can save your life!
Dec 10, 2020 by Kristie Clark
Taking twenty seconds to wash your hands can save your life!
Link to get this cool t-shirt which costs only $25 is:
All proceeds go to the Kansas Pediatric Foundation which sponsors the TAP-TAM Early Literacy program which provides FREE books to Kansas children at Well Child Checks from 6 months to 5 years of age. The rural health center in my community is a TAP-TAM site, so buying one of these t-shirts helps rural Kansas kids get more books. The Kansas Pediatric Foundation has given OVER ONE MILLION BOOKS to Kansas children!

Kristie's Top Nonprofits for 2020 Year End Giving

Kristie's Top Nonprofits for 2020 Year End Giving
Dec 09, 2020 by Kristie Clark
I believe strongly that people are best equipped to care for their environment when their basic needs are met, and they are able to obtain healthcare and education. My husband and I sponsor an agroforestry project in Honduras which buffers the Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve and combines coffee and chocolate farming with native hardwood reforestation.
My top picks for charities to support in 2020 include: Predisan Health Ministries, the Roatan Marine Park and the TAP-TAM Early Literacy program. Read more for links to these good works . . .
The Alliance of Independent Authors - Associate Member