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Sep 19, 2021 by Kristie Clark

"Dr. Eva Paz and her dolphins were the highlights of the story! I loved their relationship. The way they pushed each other forward was incredible. I always love learning about the different sciences and this was truly one of the best! 


The dolphins were so cute! Taffy and Finn training for the Navy and seeing them in action were such a thrill. I loved that the author gave us the dolphin’s POV too. It was amazing watching them communicate with each other and with the humans. They are so smart.


And to top it all off, a dragon! And there is a clan of people descended from the dragons - the Dragon clan. We see Thomas and his family are descendants of this clan. Thomas’s grandmother fighting to protect the dragon and the dragon protecting them were thrilling. 


Thomas was an interesting character. I loved his job and his affection for his family. I loved how he dropped everything to go help Eva and find his grandmother. I am very much interested in knowing more about him.


Eva and Thomas team up to save the dolphins and the inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands from a natural disaster. The dolphins are taken away by Julian when Eva leaves them to find Thomas’s grandmother. All the events come together and the objective turns different. There is a higher purpose almost. 


Truth be told, I did not read the first two books in the series. But the blurb sounded so good that I had to try. I am going back to reading the series in order immediately. Definitely recommend this series!!


-- Review by Belinda Smith for Reedsy

Thanks, Belinda, for reading Dragon Clan and letting me reprint your kind review! I'm so glad to learn, too, that my books may be read as standalones! --Kristie

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