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May 22, 2021 by Kristie Clark

Killing Dragons: Order of the Dolphin Book One is up for preorder NOW on Apple Books and Barnes & Noble (with Amazon, Google, Kobo, Ingram Sparks and many others on their way soon--in fact Tolino in Germany got it launched ahead of schedule!), and it is set to publish on all platforms in June. It will also be available on many non-exclusive subscription services (KOBO and SCRIBD) as well as library services such as Overdrive, Bibliotheca, Baker & Taylor and Hoopla (currently in beta testing as a pay per check out).

Dragon of the Sea: Order of the Dolphin Book Zero is a semi-finalist in the Chanticleer Short Story Contest in the Chaucer Historical Fiction category. It’s a story about the sea dragon Columbus saw in the Caribbean and the stolen gold his adopted son Diego hid there, and it’s told from the perspective of his fourteen year old son Ferdinand. This short story is the historical prologue to the Order of the Dolphin series. You can get this story for FREE by signing up for my newsletter, or click this BookFunnel link: www.bookfunnel.com


Today, line edits on Dragon Gold: Order of the Dolphin Book Two were completed, and the manuscript was sent to my beta/sensitivity reader. Formatted ARCs were sent to my small, yet enthusiastic street team! Thanks, guys, if you are reading this too! Dragon Gold is set for release in July.


Currently, Dragon Clan: Order of the Dolphin Book Three is undergoing a line edit with the editor extraordinaire David Gatewood! Dragon Clan is set for release in August.


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