Dragon Song

Dragon Song

Dragon Song
A Sci-Fi Thriller Sea Adventure
Order of the Dolphin Four


Dr. Eva Paz wants only a peaceful life on Roatán for herself and her dolphins, continuing their research in dolphin communication and educating children on the importance of caring for the reef.


But when Eva discovers that the Caribbean’s wild dolphin pod has been captured, she must go back into action to find them. Her pursuit returns her to the Pacific, where she finds her newest nemesis has engineered yet more sea dragons, and this time she finds herself embroiled in an international struggle that could end in a World War.


Thankfully, Eva has her friends and family—including ex-Navy SEAL Dr. Thomas Sternberg—on her side. Even the ocean itself yields a new ally in a very unexpected form: a mermaid with a siren’s song. And this time, a teenaged Soledad accompanies her parents on their adventures.


Join Eva as she works with Thomas and her dolphins to save the planet from a disaster that could destroy us all.


Dragon Song is the fourth book in Kristie Clark’s Order of the Dolphin series. Dragon Song may be read as a standalone, but it is best enjoyed with the other Order of the Dolphin series books: Killing Dragons, Dragon Gold, and Dragon Clan. Book club questions are included.


Join Eva and her dolphins on their adventures today!

$5.99 USD | 978-1-954442-22-1 | April 7, 2022
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