Dragon Gold

Dragon Gold

Dragon Gold
Order of the Dolphin Book Two
Published by Delphi Imprint LLC, Delphi Imprint LLC


A dragon will do anything to protect its gold.


After her dangerous adventures earlier in the year, everything is finally going well for Dr. Eva Paz. Her breakthroughs in dolphin communication are changing the world. Her discoveries could save the reef she loves. And now her mother has found love again. 


But then a madman returns to claim what’s his. Eva’s old nemesis, Julian Gulliver, kidnaps Eva’s mother, and he demands an exorbitant ransom. 


It’s money Eva doesn’t have.


What she does have are friends who are willing to do anything to help, including ex-Navy SEAL—and ex-boyfriend—Dr. Thomas Sternberg. But Eva’s greatest asset may be her dolphins: Taffy, Finn, Cleo, and Chico. 


Together, they need to mount a rescue effort. Yet things are even more desperate than they imagine, for Julian isn’t the only menace terrorizing Roatan. 


Join Eva as she works with Thomas and her dolphins to rescue her mother and save the reef from a man who would destroy them all. 


For fans of Michael Crichton, Dragon Gold is book two in Kristie Clark’s Order of the Dolphin Series.

Book may be read as a standalone. Book club questions included.

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300 pages | $5.99 USD | 978-1-954442-03-0 | July 16, 2021
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